Art Dispersal


Art Dispersal is an event where we hang up original works of art and invite people to become their stewards. They can take a piece home, keep it for as long as they like, as well as return it to the artist if they no longer want to keep it. Stewards are offered an opportunity to make a contribution to Free Columbia. Contributions support the artists as well as Free Columbia.

Free Columbia has run 14 Art Dispersals over the past 8 years, with over 610 paintings (as well as other works of art) dispersed to stewards in Hudson, Philmont, Spring Valley, and Manhattan, NY; Eugene and Portland, OR; Los Angeles, CA; New Orleans, LA; and Jarna, Sweden.

If you are interested in having an Art Dispersal in your community that can raise funds for your initiative contact us.


Reflections from art stewards in the past

“Looking at your work makes me think that this kind of activity makes a more lasting impression by being in the house than not, because it does form part of our daily life. It weaves itself into our daily imagination and emotions without being prompted by external considerations. It forms part of our daily eyes.”

“It sort of felt like adopting a baby. A beautiful quiet well behaved baby. It was as if everyone had a painting that was meant for them in the room and they had to find theirs."

“Revolutionary! Thank you for inspiring creativity."