Enliven The Walls

De-Commodifying Art

Creation of the Birds and Fish  - Laura Summer

Creation of the Birds and Fish - Laura Summer


Institutions that need paintings to enliven their spaces are encouraged to participate in the Enliven The Walls program. A member of the institution (medical office, beauty shop, hotel etc.) meets with Laura Summer to assess the situation. If Free Columbia can meet the need, paintings are hung where needed. The relationship is an ongoing one so that if a painting needs to be changed the institution can contact Laura and she will work with the change. Institutions are encouraged to put a line item in their monthly budgets for painting support.

Currently Free Columbia has paintings at Marlboro College Graduate School Residence in Marlboro, VT, Holder House Residence in Spring Valley, NY, and in the medical practices of Camphill Village in Copake, NY and Jennifer Baer NP in Hudson, NY.


“However much study may be devoted to the elimination of crime and wrong doing in the world, true redemption, the turning of evil into good, will in future depend upon whether true art and architecture are able to generate a definite cultural atmosphere, an atmosphere that can so fill the hearts and souls of human beings—if they allow this atmosphere to influence them—that liars will cease to lie and disturbers of the peace will cease to disturb the peace. Buildings will begin to speak…

“Nowadays people gather at congresses to negotiate world peace. They imagine that speaking and listening can actually create peace and harmony. But peace and harmony will never be established through world congresses. Peace and harmony, and conditions worthy of humanity, can only be established when the gods speak to us. When will the gods speak to us?... Art is the creation of organs through which the gods speak to mankind.”

- Rudolf Steiner 17 June, 1914 “Ways to a New Style in Architecture”