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Art Dispersal in Atlanta, GA

Free Columbia will provide an Art Dispersal as an experience of the Free Cultural Realm at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Anthroposophical Society from Oct 11-13, 2019, in Atlanta, GA.

In the past 8 years Free Columbia has run 16 Art Dispersals where over 640 paintings and other works of art have been dispersed to people who were interested in becoming a steward of art. We have had dispersals in Hudson, Philmont, and Manhattan, NY; Eugene and Portland, OR; Los Angeles, CA; New Orleans, LA; and Jarna, Sweden.

Last year at the AGM in New Orleans we had a very successful Art Dispersal, dispersing 29 paintings and raising $1000 for the Anthroposophical Society as well as some support for the artists and for Free Columbia.

You are warmly invited to the dispersal in Atlanta where there will be at least 30 paintings ready to go out into the world. You will have the opportunity to become a steward of a painting. This means that you can take it home, keep it for as long as you like, pass it on to someone who likes it, or return it to the artist who created it. You can also make a donation to support the Anthroposophical Society and free culture. All paintings will be small and easy to fit in a suitcase.